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1. Can collect and analyze 450~650nm light source.

2. Each optical data acquisition channel is independent.

3. A single analyzer supports up to 20 channels, and can dynamically support 1∼20 channels.

4. DC8~24V, 100mA DC power supply, wide voltage power supply, strong compatibility.

5. Read 20 channel data time <400mS.

6. Provide technical support for secondary development to realize test applications in ICT, FCT, ATE, and PLC.

7. The default factory serial port is RS232 level, which can be changed to TTL level output according to customer requirements.

8. Each channel is equipped with an optical fiber and an optical fiber clamp. The factory-made optical fiber length is 0.75 meters; the outer diameter of the optical fiber clamp is 2.25mm.

9. Provide two-year warranty service.



You can use an industrial computer or a single-chip microcomputer as the main controller, and connect to the LED analyzer through a serial port line. The analyzer is connected to the external detected light source through optical fiber, such as LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, liquid crystal display, mobile phone display, car lamp, keyboard indicator light, various control panel indicator lights, illuminants and so on. The main controller sends instructions to the LED analyzer to collect and analyze H (hue), S (saturation), I (brightness), RGB (red, green, blue) data of each light source, and the flicker frequency <25Hz can also be tested. The data is stable and reliable, and it is the first choice to replace human eye recognition, photosensitive and visual inspection LED lights. Lupine Automation provides software technical support for various development platforms: including C#, VB, VC++, LV, Jabiltest, Linux, python, PLC and microcontroller development.


product specification

• Detection wavelength range: 450~650nm.

• Repeatability: H (hue) <1%, S (saturation) <1%, I (brightness) <2%, RGB value <1%.

• LED flicker detection range: 0.1~25Hz.

• Support wavelength, color temperature, CIE1931xy detection, and data compensation.

• Support feasa mode and normal mode data format switching.

• Channel-to-channel isolation >98%.

• Consistency across channels >95%.

• Power supply: DC8~24V, current >200mA, power <3W.

• Use RS232 serial port communication.


Serial communication parameters

• Baud rate 57600bps

• Data bit 8bit

• Stop bit 1bit